Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skinny...and damn proud of it!

"Omg you are sooo thin"

How...I..detest...those...words..... U ever get those fwd emails bout the ten most stupid questions ppl ask n all?this is kinda like that.Like people think i would'nt have noticed the way my body looks unless they tell me.Also applies on zits day. "Omg u have a pimple!"- transalation " Ew ew ew..notice how nice n clean my face is..go ahead..notice it!!" I mean c'mon its my goddamn face..and its not a great one but its the only one i have..so i do look at it every once in a while..and when there is a MONSTER zit right at the tip of my nose, ur not the only one who can't stop lookin at it.

Ok coming back to the thin thing..WHAT ON EARTH IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM?? if a person is overweight, they don't go "Omg ur so fat!"...well atleast not on the first meeting..cos thats just...so wrong. But people don't find anythin wrong bout telling me I'm soooooooo thin.Am i supposed to take it like a compliment?Then say it like a compliment,dammit!Don't have the whole "can-i-take-u-home-with-me-and-feed-you" look in ur eyes. I don't need that. I repeat I DO NOT need that..

It different with guys and girls...I mite be having a serious convo bout somthing with a guy and he'll have this "not listening" look on his face..no not the default one.the forced one.So I'll be like "what?" and he'll be like.."shit,man, u r so THIN!". He says it like that.Like he could'nt have waited till i finished what I was talking bout.Ugh!

Sometimes when a guy holds ur hand all romantically n stuff and ur expecting him to be sprouting poetry soon, he goes "omg look at that KILLER vein on ur hand" and proceeds to see how many "killer" veins he can count on my hands and begs me to make em dance..the veins.(a lil trick i learnt from my skinny uncle). On certain days, you get all dressed up hoping somebodies will notice and they go "10 more kilos and you'll look really good!" Brainless piece of shytes.

Girls love to ask me - "Why are you so thin?" ok Why am i thin?You think if i knew that I'd still look like a stick figure? I have no goddamn idea,man! You expect me to say I'm recovering from some big-time illness?You want me to say I was trying out an experiment on aneroxia on myself? You want me to say my late great-aunt left me a wardrobe full of size 0 clothes?You want me to say I have a skinny family so I'm just trying to fit in?You want me to say I'm on a bloody reality show where they see who loses the most weight and dies the fastest???I mean wtf!!

And if I'm not hungry on any given day and I say no to a biscuit, they're all like "Ohhh, dieting huh?" with a smirk that means "hmph,big time city girl,eh?dieting-vieting n all?" For god's sake..do i LOOK like i need to be dieting??And wat do you think I'm dieting for?To reduce myself into nothingness?I'M ALREADY ALMOST THERE!!

The worst is at functions or weddings - aunties and uncles talk to me for ages about how I am so unacceptably thin and how I will not get married if I continue to look like this!There is even one far-relative whose asked me if I'm suffering from some disease. I sooooo badly wanted to say that I had a rare case of stomach-o-phobia were my stomach had to be removed and they have'nt found a replacement yet. Did'nt. Dad would've permanently removed the chip on my shoulder if i had.

Ok so people...the bottom line is...I do not care bout the fact that I'm overly thin. Its not something I can help. Even if I could help it, I do not care. So please, kindly..STOP NAGGING ME BOUT IT! You're not my mum..and even my mum does'nt nag me bout it.

The day I am all big and pregnant, I will post a pic of myself on here and write underneath it "THERE,ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW?" Until then...bear with me please?