Monday, May 25, 2009

I wanna Blabber...

U know wats the greatest thing bout having a blog?U can talk bout those things that u reeeeeally wanna talk bout n noones got the patience to listen to.Like those things like if ur at a party and u wait n wait n wait for ur turn to say sumthin cos everyone is all speakin at the same time and ur like "Ooh ooh something exaaactly like that happen to me when i was in Italy and..." and sumone goes "Oh god,that new Italian actress is like the ultimate bomb,is'nt she?" and then everyone would rather talk bout the stupid Italian actress..blah.. and no i havent really been to Italy.It was a metaphor!

Or those things u start to say when ur sitting around with ur friends and they go like "NOOOOOOO not again no, we've heard this 50 bagazillion times!!" which is like a tooootal exaggeration, by the way.Sure, i mite have repeated some stories one or two times...or maybe a 20 times...still!

So if i put it down on a blog, then people can just read em, whenever they have the time n patience to read it...or they feel like reading it again...and again!!ok maybe only i read it again n again..but u get my point.Like what if one fine day, I am all famous and rich. N ppl'll be buying strands of my hair on Ebay. Thats when u guys'll really wanna read my blog...This'll be a celebrity blog!Ohh and i would'nt even have to write anything then...I'd either just get my personal secretary to do it for me or I'll just fill it up with pictures of urs truely!! Man, it must b nice being rich n famous...

I've alwayz wanted to be a rich n famous writer. Well the rich n famous bit is a recent addition. But yeah, if I'm gonna b a writer, mite as well be successful,yeah?

I started writing stuff, as is stories and stuff, at a pretty early age.Remember in my previous post i mention how I stapled my hand when I was 5? That was cos I had finished writing my first "book" in a whole buncha papers n wanted to staple it all together so that it looks like a book..Now, I don't remember what I had written in those papers.But i do remember the book part..And the holding the stapler the wrong way part.And the blood n gore afterwards part............ earliest writing skills were tested on my letters to Dad.He used to work abroad and visited only once in a while.So we tried to keep in touch as much as we could through snail mail.I used to write pretty frequently.And i used to write bout everythin!Not so much bout school,maybe cos I skipped school quite a lot those days, cos Dad was'nt around to keep an eye on me and Mom really could'nt control me.Hmm..its a wonder I actually passed 2nd grade.

Anywayz,I used to write to him bout the dogs, the chickens, the cows, my sisters who left me outta everythin cos I was'nt "old enuff" to play with the big girls, my mom who tortured me with Gigantic glasses of "yucky" milk everyday (she still dus), and my cousin who has 10 zillion Barbies who I'm very very jealous of (I still am..I mean, she had an insane amount of Barbies!Who would'nt b jealous!). My letters used to be long and quite informative.

Well, the letters came to an end when we all moved abroad. But u know wat?Dad and I still wrote letters...later in my teenage years.When we were pretty much at war all the time.We communicated pretty much through slamming doors and notes and letters..And I still have each and every one of those letters.

After the letter stage, I continued writing stories in bits and pieces here and there.That when dad bought me my first journal. To write whateva i wanted.I still remember it. It had a large picture of Minnie Mouse wearing a pink skirt on it! It was like my prized possession. I started off by re-writing classics. My first story was bout the lion and the ant. Then I wrote my version of Cinderella. I remember my sisters laughing uproariously everything they read the word "price" cos appartently thats how I thought "prince" was spelt.

Anywayz, my dad told me I shud write more of my own in think and create it outta ur own head..So I thought and wrote a story bout how a girl has a dream and goes to a place where there is unlimited junk food and ice cream and..yeah well junk food..well, I was a young child introduced to the world of junk food just ladat one fine day..all my dreams revolved around junk food at that point of time.

That story was'nt half bad for a start. I wrote more stories. I remember I was in the middle of a story where one of the character's names was Reynold, when one of my uncles borrowed my book to read it. He never returned it. Apparently he lost it. I'm not one for holding grudges..but yeah.. I have never forgiven him..

Later, I discovered the the age of 9, if i remember right. Back then computers for me was all bout Paint, PacMan and Prince of Persia. Ohh n NotePad...Was addicted to NotePad. Started writing up on the comp and copying them onto my very own Floppy Disk!yes yes, i was high up there then..using Floppies and all.

I remember writing this poem bout Mom n Dad but it was reeeeeally cheesy n I just wrote it in a bid for more allowance or something.

My first horror story was bout a boy eats radioactive blueberries and ends up a cannibal..It got too scary that I couldnt finish it.

I continued writing a lotta stories like dat thru out my school years.Most of em I left infinished.I started one bout a guy who goes back in time..and I was hoping to make it a movie someday.Except I never finished it.Problem is, when i start a story I never know how its going to end up. I just go with the flow. And get stuck. Thats when another idea pops up. And I forget bout this story and pursue the new one.

It was in 6th grade I think I decided to get serious bout writing... All cos of an English teacher. She made us write an essay bout our Favourite movie. And my favourite movie at that point was Dunston Checks In. I'm not sure wat I wrote.It was just half a page. And i just got a 7 on 10 for it. But I will never Ever forget the remark she'd written on it - Keep it up. Your style of writing is truely unique...

Thats the first time someone had said something like that bout my writing. I mean sure, my dad keeps praising it.But then he's my dad.He's supposed to say nice stuff! This was like my first praise from an outsider! Thats when I made the concious decision to take up writing seriously.

After that, I let my friends read a few of my stories. But I was still quite cautious. I never send anything out for competetions or anythin. Until 11th grade, where I sorta involuntarily had to enter a competiton. We could write on anything. N it was around the time the 9/11 took place. So i wrote this 7 page long story based on it and it was all sappy and tragic and tears. I read the whole thing again, tore it up and wrote a 2 page autobiography of a strand of hair. It did'nt win a prize but it sure made the judges laugh..and for me, that was prize enough. :-)

After i got into college, I suddenly didnt have time to write anymore..Or rather,I didn't feel like it anymore. Its like, I can't write when someone is forcing me to write. And in my course, ur supposed to write whether u feel like it or not. Come up with scripts and screenplays and copy and features and stuff just like that. I could'nt do it. The words had to come to me. I could'nt make em come. So throughout college, my writing abilities were restricted to long text messages and an occasional rap song we friends cooked up. I do write poetry sometimes. But they're all based on experience and somehow seems incredibly cheesy wen i read em later, like an over-done sentimental forward msg.

And then this blog happen. So this is my playground again. To write wat I want, how I want, when I want to.

So as I was sayin initially, if i were to say all this in a verbal conversation there is nooo way, I would've gotten so far without being inturrupted.And,yeah,well,I like not bein inturrupted.And also,this way I don't have to pretend I have'nt noticed the painfully bored expressions on ur face, or ur subtle tactics to leave the room.

So that, ladies and gentleman, that, I declare, is the beauty of blogging....

Blabber on, mates!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Laddat!

Ummm..i..m im gona begin writing this soon dun with...ok i m soon as im done with the last cookie...was on a cookie splurge rite then...u know those times when u eat one cookie and then u can't stop until u stuff the whole packet down your throat...aaahh..such a satisfying feeling..same goes with potato chips..even if ur not hungry..u just have to eat it..i think its like a universal feeling..

a lotta ppl have been reading my blog...and saying nice things bout it...thank u so much 4 dat...but the thing is i can't write!I mean i can't write wat i want...I'm alwayz thinking bout wat shud i write that'll everybody'll like...blah i m goin mad thinking!!
The reason i have'nt posted anythin lately is cos i have nothing to say.Nothing substantial anyway.Or nothing I can write more than a sentence bout.So here r a few things I simply feel like saying...

- I wud rather b sleeping rite now.

- My valentine's day sucked btw.I spend d whole day in not in the romantic sense...this was the wats-d-point-nothings-gona-happen-this-yr-either-mite-as-well-sleep-all-day sense.
- 3 people said I look pretty tday.

- 2 of em were lying.bludy buggerz.

- I need to stop writing in every post.

- I stapled my hand by accident wen i was 5 yrs old.

- I met a frog named Giordano the other day.We had an interesting conversation. He was quite a good listener I should say.

- the calenders of 1998 n 2009 are d same.

- I make horrible coffee.It alwayz ends up tasting a wee bit salty.Even If I'm nowhere around the salt bottle.

- Sometimes if u stay motionless for a really long time....nothing happens..u just get bored.
- I believe in friday 13th being a cursed day.can't tell u y.

- I've been on a pessimistic streak ever since...1985!

- I was attacked by a chicken when I was 13 yrs old.

- Feb 21st dunt mean anythin to me anymore..

- I worry a lot bout the consequences of the stuff dat I'm too lazy to do.

- I need a new best friend. Preferably a non-human one. No not an invisible one. Got enuff of those.

- I'm ADDICTED to these home shopping programmes!! Esp the dubbed ones! They're so damn hilarious!

- I forgot to brush my teeth on January 16th. Ok, I didn't forget. Just did'nt feel like it. Like my friend says, everythin needs a break...Even ur teeth.

- When ever it rains, most of the time, my first thought is - well thank god I'm not the one paying the water bills up there.

- I wrote n posted a letter tday n it felt GREAT.

- Is it post or posted?

- 2 ppl said dat they luv my blog.they gona change their mind after reading this post.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Color ur B'z away!

I was bored.Oh, so very bored.Bored.Bored.Bored.There comes a time in life when one is soo driven by boredom and frustration that one ends up doing weird take off on a world tour..or eat a lotta chocolates..and when i say 'a lot' i mean an insane amount...Me, I can't afford a world tour or an insane amount of i go the subtle way and paint my room.

Ok when u think up that idea in ur head it sounds simple enuff..paint the wall..everyone dus it..and on tv it alwayz look like so much fun!and the end result is gona b in the berger paint ad...

ok, i m not gona tell me if i agree with all that..let ya decide for urself based on this post...

so after i pop the idea..i spend another one week tryin to decide wat exactly i want to put up...i mean its a wall not a piece of paper where u can just tear it up and start a new paintin..i mean sure u cud tear down the wall too and build another one...depending on ur financial positioning. Anyway i gave it sum thought...n a lil more thought and sum more and one day just went ahead and started on an idea which i had thought of for some 5 mins..

The starting phase is think u know what ur doin..if ur wall is as old as mine u end with an ur sketchin out a broadoutline..wish i had a pick of the broad outline but then i'd rather not show u cos if u tell me its better than the finished thing then i'll have to kill myself...

so day one is spend on broad outline..

day two is when u figure out ur colours...I'm not much of a painter..I'm more of a charcoal person..and my colour sense is just this was by far the most difficult stage..Since the purpose of this operation is to brighten up my room, i decide to go for LOUD colours..and thus..

ok so maybe that does'nt look LOUD, i thought...a very bad thought. I had'nt made use of any actual paint as i pull out all my sister's old art supplies and come aross and also unused buncha paint..the gooey ones.So two days after that..I get crackin..just like in the movies!!

ok and fiiiiiinally...after say 3 or so hours of hard work, sweating and sweating and more sweating......

kindly ignore the faint scribblings on the background..That wat happens wen u think u got a great idea but turns out to b a not so great idea..ok i would have rather it looked like this one below...

Now that...that is more like a very painter person sorta also a photoshopped version of my real wall.. :-(

so thats it...that was how my work of art ended up lookin like..I'll probably not be sleepin in that room for a long time now..cos the more i look at it, the more i hate it..but then thats me..It's not great, but i had fun...and it was better than doin wat i usually do to kill time...stand on my head to see if my feet gets any paler due to the reduction of blood..

so if this post has inspired u to get crackin on ur wall too...go ahead..its kinda fun too actually...