Thursday, February 15, 2007

i me myself

u know how before u post a new thingi u have sum idea wat it is ur gona type?i really dunt..and yeste i accidentaly admitted to my friend that 'i do not think" to which she whole heartedly seemed to agree....oh by the my greatest pals n roommates..i wana thank u for the surprise bday party yeste...although ur 4 months late..and i did guess d surprise already(i repeat..the Queen of surprises Cannot b surprised!) was realy sweet of u guyz..and i luv cake so that sums it all up.. ;-)
dont u just hate old keyboards...i hate wen i click n the words dun come out d way i want it to..or mayb im just still half asleep n i m just blamin the keyboard..hmmm..
sumtimes i think i m d most self centred person on earth...i mean just look at the number of "i"s in this blog...i m gona write bout other ppl frm now
oh chuck it...its MY BLOG.. as in allll i can write wateva i want in it..... ii ii i ii iiii i ii i IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII II I I iii i ii iiii
so there...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

singles ROCK!!!

hello helloo..its been a while...hmmm of my friends read my blog yeste and said i shud b a famous novelist...okay so she dint say famous..but okay..and she was reading this book by ellen degeneres..u know the funny lady?the Ellen show?the voice of Dory on Finding Nemo?okay so she was reading it and she said it reminded her of me....and im like flattered...i read that book..or half of it and oh my god...its one of those rib tickling, punch the pillow..jump up straight snort and laugh kinda book..okay so maybe not that much also..but yeah..and being thought of wen ur readin a buk like that is..well mayb not exactly a compliment..but i cudnt care less..i m flattered....
ahem its THAT time of that year again...the big 14th...and basically my viewz on that day can b expressed in one work....YUUUUEEEEEEEUCKKK!!!!VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKZ!
i mean watz tha deal,man?like ppl need one day to get all koochy kooey and mushy they dunt do that and irritate the rest of the population the other 364 dayz..and sure ppl say its not all about guy-girl relationship but heyloooo u have got days for all the other ppl(eg:father's day mom's day, doctor's day,postman's day,hairy guy living down the street who picks his nose in public's-day)its like wen ur best guy friend buys a HUGE teddy bear for his girlfriend and wen u ask him bout ur gift he sorta tears off one arm of the bear n hands it to ya.."see,i thought of ya too..this is urs too.." oh gimmi a break....
why is there no SINGLES DAY????where singles can do all their fun stuff???I DECLARE THIS FEBUARY 14TH AS SINGLES DAY!!
alrite alrite so mayb i m just crabby cos i m single...but i still think there shud b a singles day....
anywayz....SINGLES ROCK!!!!