Thursday, February 15, 2007

i me myself

u know how before u post a new thingi u have sum idea wat it is ur gona type?i really dunt..and yeste i accidentaly admitted to my friend that 'i do not think" to which she whole heartedly seemed to agree....oh by the my greatest pals n roommates..i wana thank u for the surprise bday party yeste...although ur 4 months late..and i did guess d surprise already(i repeat..the Queen of surprises Cannot b surprised!) was realy sweet of u guyz..and i luv cake so that sums it all up.. ;-)
dont u just hate old keyboards...i hate wen i click n the words dun come out d way i want it to..or mayb im just still half asleep n i m just blamin the keyboard..hmmm..
sumtimes i think i m d most self centred person on earth...i mean just look at the number of "i"s in this blog...i m gona write bout other ppl frm now
oh chuck it...its MY BLOG.. as in allll i can write wateva i want in it..... ii ii i ii iiii i ii i IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII II I I iii i ii iiii
so there...

1 comment:

madz said...

the i thing works wonders ya know!!!hmmm u don have to thank us ya know...we should take spl care of retards like ya..thats y we r bein so nice to ya!!!!anyways glad that u had a nice time....