Monday, November 26, 2007

happy birthday Blog!!!

heyyy today is the day i officially started blogging...this blog is one year old as of year passes by and my bullshittin still remains d same..i guess sum things never change.. :-)


i was thinkin last in life..everythin is not either just good or bad..its the whole two sides of a coin theory..ok maybe not everythin..but most of the,mayb..its bad cos of all the well known blah n lungs n all that..and its good cos it feels soooo good..same with food..u feel awesome wen u eat sumthin u love..but not good wen u end up seeing d results on ur weighin machine..and the classic example...LOVE...wen ur with a person..y cant there b only good times..wen u break up with sumone..u tend to think most bout the bad parts..which is why ur still broken up frm that person..wat if there were no bad parts..wat if there r people with whom u have ONLY good times and people with whom u have only bad times..then u'd know who to hang on to and who to let wud'nt b so bloody complicated then...why cant everythin just b black or white..and not grey!
whoa..i duno if anyone is gona get all has just been so complicated lately with me havin to make sum crucial decisions..which mind is a bloody mess..
but even in this case..thats the bad part..the good part is..that i m glad i have sumthin to think bout..
is'nt thinking great?i mean noone can deny u the right to think..or dream..You could b in the middle of a stupidly boring conference,but u cud b thinkin bout strip clubs in Vegas!i mean who cares..noone's gona know wat ur thinkin bout..and its the only way u can even remotely come close to the statement "i wish i were sumwhere else right now"
thinking rocks.. :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

r u listening?

Blogging actually used to b fun when ppl used to read my blogs....nobody's got the time is it that when i m jobless enough to b sitting here n typing all this nonsense,noone's got the time to read all this nonsense?my blog visit thingy says 54 visitors...i say yeah right..liar...

anywayz...nothing ultimately interesting has happen of tryin to talk to very proper english cos my english is going all...blah...see?see what i mean?wat i mean to say was my english is turning quite atrocious...if thats even how u spell it..

ever hate a person cos he or she is better at something than u?i have...lotta times...mayb i could put it down as a lil green eyed monster playing up...mayb its a psychological problem...its stupid..cos thats a stupid reason to get upset with sumone..cos if they ask u it d b so weird to say "i don't like u cos...u play chess better than me"..... not that i m jealous of anyone who plays chess better than me...i dunt even like was just a metaphor..

ppl say yoga or meditating or whateva is relaxing..i kinda think blogging is quite relaxing..sure there is that huge surge of nausea that comes when ya think of all the ppl tats gona read this entry...but 54 ppl is ok with me...not earth shattering..

today we had this question in our exam bout blogging and one of my friends said she knew nothing bout it and the only person who knew who blogged was me...i was kinda honoured..i have introduced the concept of blogging into this tiny little town..well maybe not really..but that was nice..
anywayz, i m gonna go hit the buks 4 ma exams tomo..ok who am i gona go take a nap...meanwhile all u 54 ppl out there..keep visiting...we ll make it 100 soon okay?ta!
p.s-i just realised last post i mentioned that only 53 ppl visited my blog...this time its person...ONE PERSON!!and that mite have been me only...WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PPL???!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

apparently 53 ppl have visited my blog...i refuse to believe that there r that many ppl who r THAT jobless..enough t actually sit n read my crap...ooooorrrrr...outa the 53, already 50 mut ve been my own visits...i m jobless..and i like to read ma crap!
hmmm u have these times when life seems to b at a standstill...the same old monotonous rountine...every day seems to b a rewinded version of yesterday...then u have those times when life is total goddamn whirlwind!!!if its like this in the morning its like that ion the afternoon...i ve often craved for that sorta life...changes every minute...but now when i m stuck in the middle of this fast pace...i cant help but scream STOP!!!!give it a rest..its giving me a friggin headache..
the hardest part is being able to adapt to all these changes at just as fast a pace.sometimes it hard keeping up.sometimes it feels its a huge struggle...
i mean recently life has been going from bad to worse to hell worse...u think where on earth is the tiny opening thru which the sun'll shine again?know wat?there is no hole...
u gonna have to start scratching out a brand new hole if u wanna see the sun i making sense?i just hope i havent started to sound like a self help book.
ok another thing i wanna say matter how nice a friend has been to u...alwayz b cautious ok?
noone is the way they seem to b..i mean they may seem pretty FLAWLESS to the ultimate best friend...and one fine day they turn aroun n show u the other side...don't stnd around to take in that shock...u may not b able to stand it..its scary..and it makes u lose trust i everyone u know....
anywayz..this has been boring enuff..i dunt feel my normal clueless self..anywayz hope my entry has been "enlightening"..ha..enlightened by me!that'll b a first!! :-) Ta!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


i hate in I HAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAAAAAAAYYYTE (pronounced the way Jim Carrey says Wehehehhehehehhehehlll in Ace Ventura) exams...
its not the thing bout having to study..its the damn process of writing it..i mean is'nt it enough that we study the stuff?why do we have to like write it alllll over again?don't they trust us?
another thing bout exams in i cannnnot sleep without atleast staying up half the night..if not the whole nite.i would'nt even b studying..i'd be reading nothing related to study material, or i d b talkin to friends or sometimes jsut even staring into space...and its not like i get distracted while studyin and do these stuff..i just do all those..intentionally..just knowing that i ve stayed up all nite the nite before the exam gives me this strange sense of confidence..weird..
but yeah sure falling asleep during the exam is a whole different thing.its only half due to no-sleep..the other half is due to plain boredom..there are when i ve been reduced to tears of boredom in d exam hall..
i dunno y i just wrote all this..i was thinkin bout all this during my last exam(that is, before i fell asleep)
exams sux!! >:-(

Monday, September 10, 2007

stuck in the middle...thats wat i am now...actually i m not even stuck..its like i m slowly vanishing from the middle..imagine how blaah it wud b if u really wanna stay visible but u cant help turning invisible?and noone notices that ur fading..brrrrrrrrrr..
actually it wouldnt be that bad mayb..mayb there d be other forgotten invisible souls walking bout and then all of us inivible ppl can join together and form a community...wat if they too start ignoring each other...wat could b beyond invisibility...
yeah ok i m not drunk or high ( though i mite b a lil high on not sure)just been doin sum thinking lately (yes-out of the blue)
or mayb i m just bored....possible..thought this was gonna turn out nice..dunt feel like continuing..ill sum it up with the opening lines of a rap song created by me n sam..
"Life is such a drag,
It makes me wanna gag"


Friday, August 10, 2007

have u ever felt u ve had to grow up all of a sudden?its post grad life started just a few weeks ago and its like..everything is different now..its no longer the old blaaaaah sorta life..i mean yeah sure at times it is..but many fast..
ppl start treating ya like an adult.its crazy..i mean im still the same dus a coupla years make a difference?
kids feel like kids..time seems more just looks a lot more plain this wat growing up is all about?i know its weird talkin bout growing up at 21..but trust me..if u know d person i am u 'd know wat i mean.........i ve been fighting growing up all this sad..but not too bad..boring..but i think i can adjust!! ;-)
besides..everyone can b a kid every once in a while cant they?

Monday, April 2, 2007


well...its that time now..finally...i ve been waiting for this for a looong loong get outta this place..leave behind all the crap i ve been goin through..forget all d mess i ve gotten into...and well that time has come and somehow......yeah yeah u know wat i m gonna say...somehow all those stuff seem really really small now...i really dunt wanna leave..i'm comfortable here..i dunt wanna go to a new place n start all over again..i dunt wanna leave my friends..i wanna see all those familiar faces..and my class..i used to haaate going to class..but i dunno..i'd give anythin to continue goin to that classroom and doin wat we alwayz do..absoultely nothin...i know i wunt get a life which is soo easy going n relaxed ever again..sure there had been stress,tension,work loads..but c'mon..there has also been fun..sooo much fun...and u know wat the moooost annoying part is..just wen i m about to leave i meet all these amazing ppl and i m like oh godddddddd..why cud'nt i have met them i m gona have to miss them too...
three years of whining complaning cursing....
three years of chilling,freedom(frm home),doin crazy stuff,flirting
three years of slogging,pulling all nighters,passing notes in class
three years of....i dunno...the best three years of my life is drawing to an end.......
all my friends r gonna go in to new colleges now n make new friends(i hate those new friends of urs already) i'm gonna miss u guyz...u made my life so much fun...i ll never forget the times we shared..and i thank u all for bein a part of my life...mayb it hasnt alwayz been all that smooth..but i dunt regret having met any one of u...I wuv u alll...*sniff sniff*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i me myself

u know how before u post a new thingi u have sum idea wat it is ur gona type?i really dunt..and yeste i accidentaly admitted to my friend that 'i do not think" to which she whole heartedly seemed to agree....oh by the my greatest pals n roommates..i wana thank u for the surprise bday party yeste...although ur 4 months late..and i did guess d surprise already(i repeat..the Queen of surprises Cannot b surprised!) was realy sweet of u guyz..and i luv cake so that sums it all up.. ;-)
dont u just hate old keyboards...i hate wen i click n the words dun come out d way i want it to..or mayb im just still half asleep n i m just blamin the keyboard..hmmm..
sumtimes i think i m d most self centred person on earth...i mean just look at the number of "i"s in this blog...i m gona write bout other ppl frm now
oh chuck it...its MY BLOG.. as in allll i can write wateva i want in it..... ii ii i ii iiii i ii i IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII II I I iii i ii iiii
so there...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

singles ROCK!!!

hello helloo..its been a while...hmmm of my friends read my blog yeste and said i shud b a famous novelist...okay so she dint say famous..but okay..and she was reading this book by ellen degeneres..u know the funny lady?the Ellen show?the voice of Dory on Finding Nemo?okay so she was reading it and she said it reminded her of me....and im like flattered...i read that book..or half of it and oh my god...its one of those rib tickling, punch the pillow..jump up straight snort and laugh kinda book..okay so maybe not that much also..but yeah..and being thought of wen ur readin a buk like that is..well mayb not exactly a compliment..but i cudnt care less..i m flattered....
ahem its THAT time of that year again...the big 14th...and basically my viewz on that day can b expressed in one work....YUUUUEEEEEEEUCKKK!!!!VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKZ!
i mean watz tha deal,man?like ppl need one day to get all koochy kooey and mushy they dunt do that and irritate the rest of the population the other 364 dayz..and sure ppl say its not all about guy-girl relationship but heyloooo u have got days for all the other ppl(eg:father's day mom's day, doctor's day,postman's day,hairy guy living down the street who picks his nose in public's-day)its like wen ur best guy friend buys a HUGE teddy bear for his girlfriend and wen u ask him bout ur gift he sorta tears off one arm of the bear n hands it to ya.."see,i thought of ya too..this is urs too.." oh gimmi a break....
why is there no SINGLES DAY????where singles can do all their fun stuff???I DECLARE THIS FEBUARY 14TH AS SINGLES DAY!!
alrite alrite so mayb i m just crabby cos i m single...but i still think there shud b a singles day....
anywayz....SINGLES ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


so here i am back in college..yay yahoo wawawhooom...n i m so tired of puttin my college down..i mean sure it sux and sure i m sick n tired of it but not like i can doa nythin bout it rite?so far college has been exactly the way it has been 4 the past 2 ana half years..blah..i thinks its cos mayb im the sorta person who gets bored real fast..anyway i dunt even have anythin to write in this blog..i just figured its been a whi...*sneeze* excuse me..been a laddat..noone really looks at my blog i go again...whine whine whine...
things havent exactly changed around in college..but sumhow i think i ve changed a just a few dayz ago a girl called me "a box of creativity" lol..okok so mayb i m just boasting..but that was one of the nicest compliments anyone'z every given me..if that girl is reading this..luv,u made my day...
anyway..i ve come back to college a lot more...i dunno...grown up i guess...i dunt let tiny lil stuff bother me much anymore..i dunt think i m very sensitive anymore..but i am still very dependant on others...ok wateva...i ve got a cold..and its gotten to my i dunt even know wat i m saying..i hate colds...y dunt things flow up rather than down?such a pain...
this blog aint nuthin great...just time pass...