Monday, September 10, 2007

stuck in the middle...thats wat i am now...actually i m not even stuck..its like i m slowly vanishing from the middle..imagine how blaah it wud b if u really wanna stay visible but u cant help turning invisible?and noone notices that ur fading..brrrrrrrrrr..
actually it wouldnt be that bad mayb..mayb there d be other forgotten invisible souls walking bout and then all of us inivible ppl can join together and form a community...wat if they too start ignoring each other...wat could b beyond invisibility...
yeah ok i m not drunk or high ( though i mite b a lil high on not sure)just been doin sum thinking lately (yes-out of the blue)
or mayb i m just bored....possible..thought this was gonna turn out nice..dunt feel like continuing..ill sum it up with the opening lines of a rap song created by me n sam..
"Life is such a drag,
It makes me wanna gag"


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