Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All for a Speck of Happiness

I need a new best friend.
Uh, no...not a human one. Not an invisible one either, got enough of those. I meant the ultimate man's best friend..A Dog!
It's so dumb that the woman's best friend are supposed to be diamonds.. I mean Diamonds are rocks..an inanimate thing...and men get dogs.. How sad does that make women look? Hi, my best friend is a rock. That is just dumb. And so not true. Women's true best friend would be something like....um...chocolate ice creams and discount sales.. ok ok so they're inanimate things too but they're a lot more closer to dog than diamonds are.

Anyhow, I've been watching all these movies with dogs and cats and monkeys and stuff and how people seem so content with life with the whole slow-mo running in the wind and happy kind background music n all.. I want that.. I need a new happy quotient in my life. I figured it'd be fun. It'll be like looking after a little baby and I'm super good with babies. The only difference is not I'm not even a wee bit afraid of babies...like I am of dogs. I'm not thaat scared of dogs.. I mean I could look at them hours.. in pictures or on TV or from a distance. It's just the way they're always moving about.. as in there is no certainty as to what they'll do next. I can't live with the suspense that comes with dogs. And also, the barking. My neighbour's dog is just adorable well.. from this side of the wall. But when it starts barking in the middle of the night.. I mean, again there is no warning. It's like a gun shot. One minute its all quiet and cute and then WOOOOOOFF! Its like a bazillion decibels.. And I swear that is what is going to cause my heart to stop one day. I'm putting that neighbour's dog's name on my death note.
Okaaay.. so maybe dogs are not my best option. I considered cats, but their meow is just so whiny and clingy and yueaack.. Also its not just their meow thats yucky... This one time I was sitting in my balcony staring into nothingness, when I see this cat strolling along on the roof of my house. We make eye contact. I wondered if I should run (ok blah so I'm kinda scared of cats too. I'm scared of anything that has claws.) But then I figured it was at a safe distance so I settle down and decided to have a bit of a chat. It was the most attentive cat, I'd ever met. It never took my eyes off me throughout the conversation. But it was also highly inexpressive which made me feel a little awkward. All of a sudden the cat starts jerking its head back and forth, like a bad dance move. I'm like what the.. and BARF. Bright yellow liquid burst out of the cat's mouth. And so that is how I dislike all insensitive cats who throw up listening to your problems.

And finally it was my sister who helped me decide on my animal pal.. She got me not one not two not three but four best friends for my birthday. Kinds that don't shed fur or slobber or puke on you. She got me Chicken! Three female ones and one male. I was just thrilled. Sure, I've had a life-altering experience with a chicken in the past (too long to explain. will write as a whole different post someday) I decided to let bygones be bygones and welcome these charming creatures back into my life.
We got a little house build for them and painted it and everything. And one of the hens started laying eggs.. and when they hatched, I felt like a mom would when she sees her baby(s) for the first time. My mom said that we'd have to dye them green so as to camouflage them from crows and eagles. Which was great except then we could'nt find them later either amidst all the greens.
This one time one of the little chicks hurt its leg and dad brought it inside the house and me and my sister tried to feed it and everything. And we fixed it a bed inside a box and I sang it to sleep and ran to its side everytime it woke up in the night. It went right back to sleep when I cupped it in my hands. The whole happy feeling the movies showed were coming to life alright..........Until...

They all grew up and turned into.. well.. animals! They'd poop anywhere and everywhere. They do IT anywhere and everywhere with anyone. I swear, there was something really creepy about the way that rooster looked at me sometimes. Brrr..
And the worst of all.. you know how in movies and everything, they symbolize morning with a faint yet refreshing sound of rooster crowing.. and you're all like aaahh and feel nice and warm inside. right? Well, movies are nothing but a loada bull-crap. There is nothing refreshing or warm or nice bout a rooster crowing. Because first of all, my rooster has got its biological clock all messed up. It crows at 12 in the night then at 2 then again anywhere between 4 and 6. Messed up, I tell you. All of the chickens abandoned the nice home we built them and took to perching on the open windows of my bedroom. So when they do the whole cock-a-doodle-do.. which by the way is nothing like that, its like a creepy croak crossed between an agonizing yet blood-thirsty scream. And at that hour, its like a bloody Dolby system. At one point we had two roosters, one at each window. So when one stops the other would follow. Torture.. it was Ultimate torture. Up to a point where I would actually pry my eyelids open, grab a mop from the bathroom and wave it frantically out the window hoping to stick it through their throats. My dad was all like you shouldn't stop them, it's a part of their instincts and nature and blah.. So you sleep in my room then, I retort. Uh-uh no way.. Ha!

Finally we decided to give the roosters away. This lady my mom knew came by the house to pick them up one day. She needed help putting one of the roosters into a large bag. So I helped while the rooster looked at me for not more than a second with those beady black eyes and WHAM, pecked me nice and hard. He had gotten his revenge for all the mop poking nights.
I said goodbye to him then but I still have an ugly dark scar between my thumb and index finger to remember him forever. And ok I admit although I was ecstatic about being able to sleep in late, I missed seeing the lil fellow strut his stuff looking like he owned the place.
Maybe chickens are not the answer to lifelong happiness. They brought that much needed drama back into my life. And I'm grateful to them for that. As for a new best friend... I think I've got one in my fridge right now. A huge tub of chocolate ice cream! Yay! Nothing can beat that kind of happiness! Ta! 


Samiha said...

Yay I am so glad you are back, up and running, and writing.
Also, I just had a thought: chicken are not that chicken! I have been pecked too...Hmmmm it's like how they say barking dogs don't bite. The dogs just bite when they stop barking to catch their breath.

natasha said...

wow anj!! good one..n even i have seen the cat barf.. recently..n its yuckyyy..n hey.. i ll suggest wat pet to get... rabbits.. they are super cute..:D

Vinz said...

ook the cat barfin thingy took me by surprise.., ive never seen one and dont ever want to see that ever... ugghh.... and back to the topic chicken never can never be considered as loyal pets. they r the kind of ones like fish which you just feed, feed n feed n it goes about doin its own routine.... but pups r really different ;) they are as loyal as it gets, oogey so they smell n bark n slurp .... but they r loyal and caring to the core.

caZper said...

well i had a rabbit, couple of fish and a turtle, none gave me any issues :P

~Ms. A~ said...

wow only 4 comments... I'm going dowwn! :-(
@sam - lol chicken r not chicken.. wow what a thought.. its true too. they're not chicken. they're evil.. and delicious. :-P
@nat- i dunno bout rabbit.. their red/pink eyes freak me out..
@vin - the cat barfing thing is kinda fascinating.. hmm puppies.. again i dunno. i'd rather get a baby cos they r pretty much the same and u dunt have to worry bout them suddenly biting you one day.. well u do.. but then its hardly fatal.
@ caz- turtles.. hmm.. they're fine but wen they flip, their underside is just yuck.. plus they move really slow. i mite as well get a rock..

yojitA said...

" A ':im back im back !!
i do not like either dogs or cats ! uh!
um and the chickens.. i dunno!!
but it was like ur voicing my thoughts ..lol!!! i cant stop rofl foe some reason may be cuz i picturised everything like a short film!!! :)

yojitA said...

btw : i looooved the new colors and theme!!!

~Ms. A~ said...

@ yo- oh my god. i had like the worst day at office with people barking at me for every lil thing. And then i come home to someone saying they ROFL at sumthin i wrote..man the feeling is almost as good as..microwaved choc chip cookies! :-) u made my day.
n i thought the color didnt sumhow go with the theme of my blog.. so thanks for liking it!

yojitA said...

mmm choc chip cookies!! i want some now! the weather is perfect here.. for a cuppa hot chocolate..slouch on the couch near the window with BOOKS!!woah!! im loving it!

Indolent Insomniac said...

Wow! You know chicken or poultry are considered 'farm' animals for a reason! So that they can roam around freely and their blood curling yells sound like 'cock-a-doodle-doo'.

"there was something really creepy about the way that rooster looked at me sometimes. Brrr.." - just plain hilarious!!

~Ms. A~ said...

@yo - I want some now too! :(
@II- wats that gotta do with anything? I did let em roam around freely and everythin! not like i tied em up or anythin.
and yes the rooster did have ulterior motives. im positive bout it.