Monday, December 25, 2006


Hey...this is sumthin i ran into recently sumwhere up on the net..and its really cool..and i t hink everyone shud try it...

Are You Bored? Try These Things:

Act like you just met your friend for the first time
Announce your candidacy for President
Annoy total strangers
Ask a question nobody can answer
Bark at people in the grocery store
Be a monk...for a day
Burp the Happy Birthday song
Change your name...daily
Dare to be stupid
Exorcise a ghost
Go into a bar and ask for a Molotov Cocktail
Go to your local museum, and try to get kicked out
Hold your hand
Insist everyone calls you “Your highness”
Kiss your elbow, if you can
Practice your arm pit farting skills (Advanced participants try with your hand cupped on the back of your knee)
Pretend you are God
Read a book a sentence a day
Scratch yourself - Go ahead, scratch yourself now. Even if nothing itches, go ahead. Doesn't that feel pretty good?
Throw a huge party for no reason at all

Ain't that cool?so wat ya waiting 4?go ahead n do alla that n un-bore ya self!ta!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Old n Hating it

hey ho hi....
i jsut thought of sumthin last ppl r alwayz makin a fuss bout growing in like 40 or 30 or 50 n stuff..well i think growing old sux too..but i m not thaat old yet..but i think gettin to b a 20 sux too..i turned 20 a while ago..n this is wat i hate bout it

Being 20+ sucks cos :

~everyone expects u to act ur age...and they really think ur gona..

~ur dad startz callin u an "adult" and over-does it too

~u cant avoid the funny lukz ppl give ya at mcdonalds if ya order a Happy u pretend its for ur invisible lil sister..

~ignorant younger guyz piss the hell outa u

~everyone bugz u ta get ur driver's license

~everyone bugs u to get a job/get married/whateva

~u look at juvenile lil kids n shake ur head so much that u end up with a crick in ur neck

~ur folks let u watch 21+ movies...along with em...which is tooootally awkward..

~u go to a club n the bouncer goes "yeah right" lukin at ur id card..

~u pick up a spoon and ur parents start the "my lil girl's all grown up n cooking n all" talk...

~u rent serious mature luking movies and fall asleep watchin it

~the cute clothes at the "below 14" section dunt fit any more..

~doin illegal things ain't fun anymore cos ur allowed to do it..

~u go to the doctor and first question is "so how long have u been married?"

that all 4 ll think of more later n add...well there is nuthin u can do about all this..since u ll just grow older not just deal wit it,ppl..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

omg....ppl r makin blogz 4 peace corps n save the whale stuff!!n here i am with a blog to celebrate my jobless-ness..
NO ...this blog will serve a purpose...n the purpose will a coupla requirez thinkin...and based on the previous two posts u probably figured out how well i do that..
so like winnie the pooh sez...think think think...hey..ur suggestions r dumb..y wud u tell me wat i shud put up in my blog??
but ya still...

mornin sicknezz this is probably the weirdest time possible to start a blog thingi..i mean its 3 in the mornin..first of depressed..cos i dun wana go bak ta college in 2 dayz...waaaaaaahahahhaha :-(
i mean lota other nice stuff been happenin lately..but heck wen u ve got like one thing to depress u,all the other nice stuff dun seem to matter,ya?is it laddat 4 everyone?
uh-oh...i hope this blog aint gona b how everyone realised im actually a pyscho..
u know who shud have a blog?my friend sam...i mean she writes smart stuf..blogs must b to impart knowledge..and apart frm the fact that my coll sux and im a psycho..u guyz dun exactly feel enlightened do ya?
ok ok blah blah..
hang on lemme check wat all i kin do in hea..ohh big deal..luk i yam red and green and pink..and friggin jobless...
ok ok i m sure a lota u ppl r goin...gaawd...who let ppl like her own a blog..
yeah well they let HA!
ok ok serious stuff...hmmmmm...ummmm...okaay..hey..
did u know that actually STOP jumbled up?so thats wat me shud do...MAAAAN was that intelligent or wat?
hey please dont send me hate mail yet...its a start,ya?ill work on it,k?