Thursday, December 14, 2006

mornin sicknezz this is probably the weirdest time possible to start a blog thingi..i mean its 3 in the mornin..first of depressed..cos i dun wana go bak ta college in 2 dayz...waaaaaaahahahhaha :-(
i mean lota other nice stuff been happenin lately..but heck wen u ve got like one thing to depress u,all the other nice stuff dun seem to matter,ya?is it laddat 4 everyone?
uh-oh...i hope this blog aint gona b how everyone realised im actually a pyscho..
u know who shud have a blog?my friend sam...i mean she writes smart stuf..blogs must b to impart knowledge..and apart frm the fact that my coll sux and im a psycho..u guyz dun exactly feel enlightened do ya?
ok ok blah blah..
hang on lemme check wat all i kin do in hea..ohh big deal..luk i yam red and green and pink..and friggin jobless...
ok ok i m sure a lota u ppl r goin...gaawd...who let ppl like her own a blog..
yeah well they let HA!
ok ok serious stuff...hmmmmm...ummmm...okaay..hey..
did u know that actually STOP jumbled up?so thats wat me shud do...MAAAAN was that intelligent or wat?
hey please dont send me hate mail yet...its a start,ya?ill work on it,k?

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