Saturday, December 16, 2006

Old n Hating it

hey ho hi....
i jsut thought of sumthin last ppl r alwayz makin a fuss bout growing in like 40 or 30 or 50 n stuff..well i think growing old sux too..but i m not thaat old yet..but i think gettin to b a 20 sux too..i turned 20 a while ago..n this is wat i hate bout it

Being 20+ sucks cos :

~everyone expects u to act ur age...and they really think ur gona..

~ur dad startz callin u an "adult" and over-does it too

~u cant avoid the funny lukz ppl give ya at mcdonalds if ya order a Happy u pretend its for ur invisible lil sister..

~ignorant younger guyz piss the hell outa u

~everyone bugz u ta get ur driver's license

~everyone bugs u to get a job/get married/whateva

~u look at juvenile lil kids n shake ur head so much that u end up with a crick in ur neck

~ur folks let u watch 21+ movies...along with em...which is tooootally awkward..

~u go to a club n the bouncer goes "yeah right" lukin at ur id card..

~u pick up a spoon and ur parents start the "my lil girl's all grown up n cooking n all" talk...

~u rent serious mature luking movies and fall asleep watchin it

~the cute clothes at the "below 14" section dunt fit any more..

~doin illegal things ain't fun anymore cos ur allowed to do it..

~u go to the doctor and first question is "so how long have u been married?"

that all 4 ll think of more later n add...well there is nuthin u can do about all this..since u ll just grow older not just deal wit it,ppl..


sabarishr said...

Lol! Nice post!

~A~ said...

yo thankz dude...a fren of mine said its more frm a girl's pointa view...well like duh..