Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's Your Raashee?

"Whats your raashee?"... I am sooo hyped about that movie. I have'nt watched it yet, cos this middle-of-nowhere place where I live chose to not release it here.

I'm not a big fan of any of the actors init or the dircetor... just the concept...Its soo like noone has ever done a movie on that before...that I know of, that is.

When the first trailor came out n I realised what its all about, I was like WHAAAHOOOOOWWW!! Ok, maybe i should tell you this... I'm an absolute freak when it comes to sun signs n zodiac signs and horoscopes. I love love love it! Ive read lota books on it and there was this one time I could'nt decide how my day is gona go without reading my horoscope in the paper first. Ok maybe not thaat crazy nowadays, but man I just love the concept. The world divided into 12 groups not based on color caste creed or anythin... but based on their raashee..

I'm a Scorpion and I could'nt be happier bout it. It's like the only cool thing in my life! I don't have a cool name or a surname or cool clothes or hairdo. I'm practically vanilla! But everyone knows Scorpions are actually Very Cool people. So even if I've got ketchup on my chin and total bed-hair sorta day, you look someone in the eye and tell them your zodiac sign is Scorpio...they look at you differently. Well, maybe atleast 5 in a million people. I know I do. In fact at one point, everytime I met a new guy I had to read up on their sun signs to decide if he's worth my time. Ok yes now that sounds a lil dumb even to myself but trust me..more often than not, it really worked!

I think these sun signs books are the best kinda self-help books. Be it Linda Goodman (speaking of which, whoever's got my Linda Goodman book, please return it and I mite even return all the books I've flicked from you) or Majorie Orr or that other author whose name I forgot, even if you don't believe in the whole raashee thing, I'd say read it. I think it boosts your confidence no end! Like they tell you your like this n that n this n that...and even if ur not, you'll be I am like that.. and unconciously you tend to turn into that. You get it?

I love re-reading them when I'm a lil low on self-esteem or anythin.. Oh, and you need to skip the part where they talk bout your negatives... you could read the negatives of all the people you dislike and be happy bout it.

Ok here is my take on the diff zodiac signs.. n this is not based on any book. This is based on my personal relationship with people under that sign.

Aries - I don't know a lotta Arians apart from my roommate of 5 years. I remember reading a sign book in which it says " You Arian buddy is most likely to strangle you (Scorpions) with a sock." Ever since I ve been a bit weary bout leaving any socks lying around in the room. Oh and I do believe we have very little in common. They're extremly hard-working, focused and a lil looney.

Taurus - Don't have many bulls in my life. I've just heard they're extremely stubborn and hot-tempered.. no personal experience as such.

Gemini - Lotsa Gemini buddys. And I apparently get along with them extremely well. I know one Gemini person whose gonna read that and go "Ha! Yeah right!" C'mon, man..we did get along real well until you started being such a pain. Oh thats another thing bout Geminis. They start off being the perfect companion until one fine day they just decide to IRRITATE the hell outta you. And that thing they say bout them bein two-faced? True, to a certain extend... No actually you know wat? No true to the whole extend... hmm.. but I really do get along with em otherwise :-P Life of the party. Makes friends easy. Very blah blah blah.

Cancer - extremely serious people, I suppose. Cant think of any cancerian friends.

Leo - I get along with them too pretty well. But I don't think Leos understand the way Scorpions are. As in their principles and philospies in life differ. If they choose to ignore that and be happy with each other then well and good. Else it goes down the drain. Leos basically cheerful, likable, charming. Unlike what is normally said I don't think they stick out in a crowd or anythin.. at first..until they start talking... I really like this sign :-)

Virgo - hmmm nope know nothing bout this one.. I did have a virgo friend.. I just don't remember who that was now.

Libra - Hmm... Librans n I have this love-hate relationship. I love em to death. And I get along with em real well. But we're so different sometimes I just cant stand the way they're so different from me! Its like They'll be like lets eat the bourbon biscuit just like that and not lick the cream off in between them first. I'll be like WHY?WHY?WHY would anyone wanna do something like that??? But other than that they're super nice people. One of my sisters is Libran.. :-)

SCORPIO - I think they're the best sign in the world :-) (duh) They're fun! Kinda two-faced like geminis but in a nicer sense :-P My other sister is Scorpion like me. But she's a in half Libran and half Scorpion. So that does'nt really count.. thats wat I alwayz tell her. I agree with how they say in the movie "Whats your Rashee" that they're different people in front of different people. Thats really true. Scoripions probably wont get along with scorpions cos they're sooo damn similar... I mean they'll have their fun.. but in the end they'll both be bitching bout each other to other people.

Sagittariaus - I love these people. They're extremly nice. You can talk to them for hours. And they have this hidden wild streak in them too which is not quite evident to a lotta people. I love em. I wanna end up with a Sagittarian someday.

Capricorn - My mom is a i think they're pretty awesome. Working tirelessly, understanding and caring. The greatest cook ever. Can put up with a lotta shit.

Aquarius- i know nuthin bout this one.

Pisces - My dad is Pisces.. I'm supposed to be most compatible with this sign..but I dunno. Guess I am to a certain extend. We do get along when we're not disagreeing to what each other says. Very sensitive people. Loves to please others. Not the bestest mind reader.

ok this is just my take on these signs. Sorry bout the ones I dunt know anythin bout. Maybe Ill fill it in when I figure it out..

Are you into horoscopes too? Let me know if you agree to anythin I've mentioned up there...And also don't forget to mention - Whats your raashee? :-)