Thursday, October 18, 2007

r u listening?

Blogging actually used to b fun when ppl used to read my blogs....nobody's got the time is it that when i m jobless enough to b sitting here n typing all this nonsense,noone's got the time to read all this nonsense?my blog visit thingy says 54 visitors...i say yeah right..liar...

anywayz...nothing ultimately interesting has happen of tryin to talk to very proper english cos my english is going all...blah...see?see what i mean?wat i mean to say was my english is turning quite atrocious...if thats even how u spell it..

ever hate a person cos he or she is better at something than u?i have...lotta times...mayb i could put it down as a lil green eyed monster playing up...mayb its a psychological problem...its stupid..cos thats a stupid reason to get upset with sumone..cos if they ask u it d b so weird to say "i don't like u cos...u play chess better than me"..... not that i m jealous of anyone who plays chess better than me...i dunt even like was just a metaphor..

ppl say yoga or meditating or whateva is relaxing..i kinda think blogging is quite relaxing..sure there is that huge surge of nausea that comes when ya think of all the ppl tats gona read this entry...but 54 ppl is ok with me...not earth shattering..

today we had this question in our exam bout blogging and one of my friends said she knew nothing bout it and the only person who knew who blogged was me...i was kinda honoured..i have introduced the concept of blogging into this tiny little town..well maybe not really..but that was nice..
anywayz, i m gonna go hit the buks 4 ma exams tomo..ok who am i gona go take a nap...meanwhile all u 54 ppl out there..keep visiting...we ll make it 100 soon okay?ta!
p.s-i just realised last post i mentioned that only 53 ppl visited my blog...this time its person...ONE PERSON!!and that mite have been me only...WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PPL???!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

apparently 53 ppl have visited my blog...i refuse to believe that there r that many ppl who r THAT jobless..enough t actually sit n read my crap...ooooorrrrr...outa the 53, already 50 mut ve been my own visits...i m jobless..and i like to read ma crap!
hmmm u have these times when life seems to b at a standstill...the same old monotonous rountine...every day seems to b a rewinded version of yesterday...then u have those times when life is total goddamn whirlwind!!!if its like this in the morning its like that ion the afternoon...i ve often craved for that sorta life...changes every minute...but now when i m stuck in the middle of this fast pace...i cant help but scream STOP!!!!give it a rest..its giving me a friggin headache..
the hardest part is being able to adapt to all these changes at just as fast a pace.sometimes it hard keeping up.sometimes it feels its a huge struggle...
i mean recently life has been going from bad to worse to hell worse...u think where on earth is the tiny opening thru which the sun'll shine again?know wat?there is no hole...
u gonna have to start scratching out a brand new hole if u wanna see the sun i making sense?i just hope i havent started to sound like a self help book.
ok another thing i wanna say matter how nice a friend has been to u...alwayz b cautious ok?
noone is the way they seem to b..i mean they may seem pretty FLAWLESS to the ultimate best friend...and one fine day they turn aroun n show u the other side...don't stnd around to take in that shock...u may not b able to stand it..its scary..and it makes u lose trust i everyone u know....
anywayz..this has been boring enuff..i dunt feel my normal clueless self..anywayz hope my entry has been "enlightening"..ha..enlightened by me!that'll b a first!! :-) Ta!