Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Yesterday

A couple of days ago "What I miss the most" was trending on Twitter. And I went on tweeting-rage that day. Here are a few things that I Miss the Most.

VHS Tapes - The excitement while going to the video rental store. The search for the perfect Thrusday evening movie(I grew up in the Middle East, where the weekend used to be on Friday). The squeal of happiness when you find that the one that you've been waiting for is in today. The restlessness as you pop it into the player and listen to the whir as it rewinds. Winding the tape with a pencil when the player gets stuck. Sticking the magnetic tape with cellotape when it breaks due to overuse (my Alladin tape)

Getting my hair cut in the barber shop - They do a neat job and they do not bug you with unwanted advice. They do not tell you how a clean-up could solve all your problems in life. They do not tell you obvious things about yourself ("hey, you're graying. hey, you have pimples, hey, you have crap hair") And they do that cool thing with an electric razor on the back of your head. Awesome it is.

Dungarees -  I wore dungarees to school on my 14th birthday. I looked like a complete idiot. But dungarees were undeniably cool during those days. Not to mention comfortable.

Highlighter pens - I used this pen a lot, mostly to show people who bothered to look through my books that I've read all this. Though I really wouldn't have. I like how it would brighten up the pages of my boring Chemistry or Physics book.

My bunk bed - I bagged the top bunk before my sister could. I broke the bed in a couple months and had to share bottom bunk with sister. :(

White Ink bubbles - My desk at school used to be filled with white ink bubbles. If you haven't tried making white ink bubbles, you should. There is something very soothing about it.  Not sure if it had anything to do with its smells.

Bicycles - I don't understand why people don't ride cycles too much after they've grown up. I mean you don't need a license to drive it. And its way better exercise than sitting on a scooty or a bike. And how can you ever feel sad when you're riding a cycle?

The way Barbie smells - Go to a shop. Pick up a Barbie. Smell her. She smells heavenly. Try not to get thrown out of the shop in case people think you're a pervert.

The Titanic Craze - All the boys were sporting the Jack Dawson hairstyle. The girls all had fake 10 Dhs version of the Blue Diamond. And everyone around the corner was going "I'm the king of the world" and doing the classic Titanic pose. I had a Titanic phonebook, a Titanic t-shirt, a Titanic notebook and a box of clipping of anything related to Leonardo DiCaprio. It was nice to be manically obsessed with something.

Enid Bylton books - This I miss the most. I had this huuuuuge collection of Enid Bylton books which I used to read over and over again. Fairy tales, mysteries, school stories...had them all. I remember going to book fairs and coming home with tonnes of books. And just gobbling up the words all night long. I'd finish reading all the books by morning. How I longed to grow up and write books just like she did. My dad sold all my books when I was away at college. So now I don't have even a single book to mark my childhood. Someday I hope to buy them all again. If not for my child, then for myself. Those books, they were the most magical things of my childhood days.

Photo albums - No, not the ones on Facebook or Picasa. The real actual ones. The ones that you pile around when your friends come to visit. And the ones from which some guy who has a crush on you flicks a pic or two when you're not looking. The plastic ones that the studio gives with the developed photos and the negatives. They almost always have a real corny pic on the cover. I miss the feel of an album. I miss putting pics in frames and on pin boards.

Pen-pals - I never had one. But my sister did. And it was so cool. Getting an actual letter from a person living in a weird exotic country far away (okay, so maybe her pen-pal lived in the street next to ours or something, but still) I did have quite a few online-pals. Back before Facebook and Twitter was around to spoil all the mystery one could evoke about themselves. Long, long emails. I think my first email friend was a 14 year old Australian girl called Amber. Sure, "Amber" could also have been a 44 year old Indian uncle with a hairy chest and a vest with holes in it. Still, the not-knowing was splendid enough. At one phase of my life, I had more online friends than real-life friends. Now I have more imaginary friends than real-life friends.

Ink pens - The whole process of filling ink into the pen the night before school, after you're done "keeping your timetable" (that's arranging your books according to the periods the next day. Cos a bunch of jumbled out of order books would mean absolute chaos.) I couldn't figure out how to do it for the longest time. My sister had to show me. But that feeling of accomplishment when I finally nailed it! Awesome. I also miss ink cartridges, the ones with a tiny silver ball in it. Me and whole bunch of girls in school had a collection of those tiny silver balls. I also had a broken pencil points collection. Now I collect tweets. :-/

Old phones - The one with the holes that you have to stick a finger in and twirl. I used to love twirling all the numbers starting from 0 upto 9, for no apparent reason. I love the tiny ringy sound it makes. I miss the heaviness of the receiver. *sigh*

I can hear a lot of my younger readers going, wow, you are like super ultra old aren't you? (You know who you are, don't you) Yes, yes I'm old and ancient and whatever. But hey, I'm still here aren't I? So in a sense I get the best of both worlds. And also, while you write a post 15 years from now about the good ol' days of Facebook and Ipads, my great grandkids will come and tell you that you're old. So there. :P
I could go on and on and on. Don't get me wrong. I'm not like stuck in the past or anything. I'm cool with all the new things too. But just sometimes, I wish I could sneak back into the past, just for a day or two, and wallow in the simplicity of things and come back and update my Facebook status about it. :)

Tell me, what are the things that you miss the most?


deVa said...

I miss my home and everything about it, around it, under it. over it etc etc etc :'(
I miss most of what you have written here. And yeah you are not ancient, you are genuinely nostalgic. I miss that plant [I don't know the english name of it. we called it pacha] used to rub slate boards. I miss touch-me-not plants, smell of jackfruit and mango, I miss teeny tiny fishes we used to catch at the river backside and so so much more....

Ana_treek said...

I miss the barbershop too..unwanted suggestions, feel like telling look at your own face in the mirror to the aunties..I miss vhs, I miss audio casettes, I miss many many things!

~Ms. A~ said...

@devan - aww I totally get homesickness. I'm not sure I know bout the plant you're talkin bout. I guess I don't miss the other things u mentioned cos i see and smell them most of the days :) u shud go home for the weekend,man!

@ana- Omg i know,right?totally irritating aunties. Oh i forgot audio cassettes, I survived teenagehood mostly cos of my tapes. Didn't watch Shaktiman much, u ever watch a show called Hip Hip Hurray?

Indolent Insomniac said...

That was so *in your face*!!

And yeah, I miss almost everything on your list.

I miss HotWheels, GI Joes, playing Hide and seek and other retro games, the gifts I get when some relative of mine got back from 'The Gulf', the good ol' cartoons, and I could really go on.

And yeah, the telephone!
tr-trttrtrtr, tr-trtrtrtrtr...Man I miss those days!

A walk down the memory lane!
P.S I loved the title, So yesterday...

~Ms. A~ said...

@II - haha SURPRISE! :)
I dunt miss hot wheels or gi joe cos i never played with em. i dunt miss hide n seek cos i still play it on regular basis with niece&nephew (i miss being able to fit into small confined places though)
Glad u liked the post :) Keep reading!

Princess Poo said...

An Award for one of my favorite Blogger :D :).

Anonymous said...

climbing trees , playing cricket in the grasslands , i miss the small towns and cold climate of nilgiris .
this is a wonderful post :)

Leo Paw said...

I grew up in the middle-east too. So I need not say I miss the whole lot of thing that you do.
Miss the amusement games center near my school in addition.

someshthegreat said...

Guess what?! I still do most of the things I used to do yesterday! ;-) I still ride my bicycle,watch cartoons, play with kids etc etc.. I just miss those innocent kindergarten days.. Then, friends were transparent.. we could almost see each through each others' minds.

Animesh said...

Well this list reminded me of my childhood. Are you from 80's generation? If yes, those commercials and serials on DD is an addition to the list:)
Story in pieces

~Ms. A~ said...

@poo- thanks a lot,hun! honoured :)
@mathi- i didnt know u grew up in glad u liked this post :)
@leo paw- a fellow ex-Nri. aww i miss the amusement parks too.
@somesh- wow, u rock.esp cos u still ride ur cycle!
@animesh- ive seen many ppl blog bout the 80s and write bout the commercials and serials. though i do miss them i didnt wanna repeat the same. I miss this particular japanese serial dubbed into hindi. i think it was called Oshin or something. heard of it?

Pigeonheadophobia said...

Remember the walkman? I still have mine :D And I still use the earpiece, it fits into my laptop! :D

~Ms. A~ said...

@pigeon - aww yeah the walkman, how'd i miss that. the earphones wud b so worn and torn, i'd have to stick em together with tape..

A said...

Ah, Nostalgia! I grew up in the gulf too, remember borrowing VHS tapes from our local video library!

A said...

And Enid Bltyon ... Mallory towers, st Clare's the famous five... <3

~Ms. A~ said...

@a - of course!! dont forget secret seven and five find-outers too.. ooh and remember the wishing chair or flying chair or sumthin? and the faraway tree!!! i want :(