Thursday, December 14, 2006

omg....ppl r makin blogz 4 peace corps n save the whale stuff!!n here i am with a blog to celebrate my jobless-ness..
NO ...this blog will serve a purpose...n the purpose will a coupla requirez thinkin...and based on the previous two posts u probably figured out how well i do that..
so like winnie the pooh sez...think think think...hey..ur suggestions r dumb..y wud u tell me wat i shud put up in my blog??
but ya still...


Samiha said... thr sm rule dat we re supposd to say juz gud things bout onez frends?? me not in a praisy mood ryt nw..wanna pull yo leg but since me a gud harmless chick, not doin so..n hey for all of those who read Anju honz second post..this is d SAM mentiond thr..hmm mabbe i cud use yo blog to brag bout maself..not a bad idea at all..m impressd wid myself..but thn so is vryone else..heh he..dat was ful of attitude..:P

Anonymous said...

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