Saturday, September 15, 2007


i hate in I HAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAAAAAAAYYYTE (pronounced the way Jim Carrey says Wehehehhehehehhehehlll in Ace Ventura) exams...
its not the thing bout having to study..its the damn process of writing it..i mean is'nt it enough that we study the stuff?why do we have to like write it alllll over again?don't they trust us?
another thing bout exams in i cannnnot sleep without atleast staying up half the night..if not the whole nite.i would'nt even b studying..i'd be reading nothing related to study material, or i d b talkin to friends or sometimes jsut even staring into space...and its not like i get distracted while studyin and do these stuff..i just do all those..intentionally..just knowing that i ve stayed up all nite the nite before the exam gives me this strange sense of confidence..weird..
but yeah sure falling asleep during the exam is a whole different thing.its only half due to no-sleep..the other half is due to plain boredom..there are when i ve been reduced to tears of boredom in d exam hall..
i dunno y i just wrote all this..i was thinkin bout all this during my last exam(that is, before i fell asleep)
exams sux!! >:-(

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