Monday, November 26, 2007


i was thinkin last in life..everythin is not either just good or bad..its the whole two sides of a coin theory..ok maybe not everythin..but most of the,mayb..its bad cos of all the well known blah n lungs n all that..and its good cos it feels soooo good..same with food..u feel awesome wen u eat sumthin u love..but not good wen u end up seeing d results on ur weighin machine..and the classic example...LOVE...wen ur with a person..y cant there b only good times..wen u break up with sumone..u tend to think most bout the bad parts..which is why ur still broken up frm that person..wat if there were no bad parts..wat if there r people with whom u have ONLY good times and people with whom u have only bad times..then u'd know who to hang on to and who to let wud'nt b so bloody complicated then...why cant everythin just b black or white..and not grey!
whoa..i duno if anyone is gona get all has just been so complicated lately with me havin to make sum crucial decisions..which mind is a bloody mess..
but even in this case..thats the bad part..the good part is..that i m glad i have sumthin to think bout..
is'nt thinking great?i mean noone can deny u the right to think..or dream..You could b in the middle of a stupidly boring conference,but u cud b thinkin bout strip clubs in Vegas!i mean who cares..noone's gona know wat ur thinkin bout..and its the only way u can even remotely come close to the statement "i wish i were sumwhere else right now"
thinking rocks.. :-)

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