Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Laddat!

Ummm..i..m im gona begin writing this soon dun with...ok i m soon as im done with the last cookie...was on a cookie splurge rite then...u know those times when u eat one cookie and then u can't stop until u stuff the whole packet down your throat...aaahh..such a satisfying feeling..same goes with potato chips..even if ur not hungry..u just have to eat it..i think its like a universal feeling..

a lotta ppl have been reading my blog...and saying nice things bout it...thank u so much 4 dat...but the thing is i can't write!I mean i can't write wat i want...I'm alwayz thinking bout wat shud i write that'll everybody'll like...blah i m goin mad thinking!!
The reason i have'nt posted anythin lately is cos i have nothing to say.Nothing substantial anyway.Or nothing I can write more than a sentence bout.So here r a few things I simply feel like saying...

- I wud rather b sleeping rite now.

- My valentine's day sucked btw.I spend d whole day in not in the romantic sense...this was the wats-d-point-nothings-gona-happen-this-yr-either-mite-as-well-sleep-all-day sense.
- 3 people said I look pretty tday.

- 2 of em were lying.bludy buggerz.

- I need to stop writing in every post.

- I stapled my hand by accident wen i was 5 yrs old.

- I met a frog named Giordano the other day.We had an interesting conversation. He was quite a good listener I should say.

- the calenders of 1998 n 2009 are d same.

- I make horrible coffee.It alwayz ends up tasting a wee bit salty.Even If I'm nowhere around the salt bottle.

- Sometimes if u stay motionless for a really long time....nothing happens..u just get bored.
- I believe in friday 13th being a cursed day.can't tell u y.

- I've been on a pessimistic streak ever since...1985!

- I was attacked by a chicken when I was 13 yrs old.

- Feb 21st dunt mean anythin to me anymore..

- I worry a lot bout the consequences of the stuff dat I'm too lazy to do.

- I need a new best friend. Preferably a non-human one. No not an invisible one. Got enuff of those.

- I'm ADDICTED to these home shopping programmes!! Esp the dubbed ones! They're so damn hilarious!

- I forgot to brush my teeth on January 16th. Ok, I didn't forget. Just did'nt feel like it. Like my friend says, everythin needs a break...Even ur teeth.

- When ever it rains, most of the time, my first thought is - well thank god I'm not the one paying the water bills up there.

- I wrote n posted a letter tday n it felt GREAT.

- Is it post or posted?

- 2 ppl said dat they luv my blog.they gona change their mind after reading this post.



ramzi said...

lol anju...uve got a lot of nice funny posts man!! i really like readin em..

Mohammed Musthafa said...

haha...u knw...wht ur writing can be termed nonsense...but u've got a funny style....try this out...hear the stand up comedy of stephen wright....u've got a lot in common....

btw...laptop diary is restarting tomorrow...hope u'll be able to check it out and leave ur comments...thnks

faz!n said...

hmmmm...ure comments are cominng down....sad....lolz...juz kidding....keep writing...

~Ms. A~ said...

@ram,mustfa and faz - thankz for commentind..wasnt expecting any..cos this was a pretty lousy post..thankz u guyz..

VikramAdith said...

Pretty damn entertaining for a 'lousy' post. Setting high standards, eh? :d

~Ms. A~ said...

@vik - this is one of those random brain dead posts..