Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bonkers bout B'day!

So its my birthday again in like a coupla days...oh i dunno like in 5 days...that is like 120 hours...ok ok so i get really psyched bout my birthday..I can't help it!!No matter how old I get, I think I'll still get up extra early on my birthday cos I'd be just too excited to sleep, take an extra long bath, put on a newww dress which I had probaly been tryin on every night the week before, get all dressed up and go out expecting the whoooole world to be out there ready to suprise the hell outta ya.But that does'nt usually happen.Okay it has happen like never...But that would'nt dampen my spirits on my special day..I'd just sit and wait for people to call me over the phone and make a lil list of people who call me.And another smaller list of people who don't...whose birthdays will be permanently removed from my calendar.
For my birthday I want the works... cake, presents, balloons (yes,I'm not joking), umm..maybe a lil booze..thats probably the only thing that has changed over the years...
I don't know why people get depressed over the fact that you turn a whole year older...I mean,I'm turning 23.thats like...such a lil number...I mean I think they teach you to count as high as 23 on the very 2nd day of kindergarten.Got sooooo many more years to go...
I hate the day after the big day..I get this hollow feeling..there is nothing more to look forward to..atleast for another year.
Anywayz, I decided I want a suprise party this year...I've organized the whole thing.All i gotta do now is get there and act suprised...And to all those people who've been bugging me bout wat they shud get me for my birthday here is my list :

~ PlayStation 3
~ a bicycle
~ Money to straighten my hair again
~ a hair iron!
~ white pants
~ sandalz
~ buttons
~ an eyebrow plucker
~ money for my birthday treat
~ a puppy + a person to look after it..cos i really dunt have the time
~ a hairbrush
~ stuff I can't mention here
~ a hrithik roshan cut-out
~ hrithik roshan
~ a pony
~ a ride to college and back...cos walking to n from college will be what I die of eventually
~ a bucket of unsalted water
~ a cure for my week old cold
~ a book on how to avoid writing stupid posts on ur blog n then regretting it
~ a better sense of humor
~ a life...atleast a lil less pathetic one
~ lots n lots of comments :-)

...okay wat was this list bout anyway???


Neelima said...

man u havnt changed a bit.....

Samiha said... goes..(clearing throat)


For 23 years, you have been spreading joy and laughter and goofiness. Its like your mouth is a gloom extinguisher and i meant that as the truest, most sincere compliment. Hope yo extinguisher keeps on workin in the decades to come. Even though u may b glued to a rockin chair, i ll mak sure u ve tequila on one side n Hrithik, Brad Pitt, Clooney saab, John Abraham et all(still young n un-aged) on the other side or mabbe on yo lap itself.

God bless u to bless us with yoself.


~Ms. A~ said...

@ neels - havent changed in 11 years???aww c' tryin real hard here!!

@ sam - baby, i love u...thats d nicest thing to say..but that still dusnt mean u get an exception frm d list...ill getcha in blore! ;-P

The Seeker said...

So Babe! what else do u need.,. Just lemme know !!!!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

lol...loved this post...some lines were really cool, by the way....

...nIShAntH... said...

Really?.. you love Bdays???... :O .. :D
And the idea of makin a list of stuff you like jus before birthday...

...NICE!!!! ;)
Hope you at least got a bucketful of unsalted water,.... :P

Belated happy bday from a Bday-phobic blogger

~Ms. A~ said...

@bharat- oh i need a lotta other stuff man..waitin 4 my next bday now.."-)

@mustafa - thankz,mate..even if u just bein nice cos its my bday :-P

@nishanth - to b honest i really did not get anythin on my list.not even the bucket of water.not even the ride to college!!but it was gud fun all d same.n i did have d suprise party.n i was even actually suprised at certain stuff.

Sana said...

don't you want Wii??
I want Wii !!
xD yeah ryt.. lyke im gettin it!

*hopin sum1 wud read this and some1 really really rich and kind and generous....*

xxx Sana