Wednesday, January 23, 2008

trashy blogger

today was one of those days.this professor of mine happen to start off class today with "how many of u have a blog of ur own?" and my wonderfully annoying friend just had to point at me.Its not that i have a problem with people reading my blog.i mean thats wat blogs are for,right?to be put out there.But the thing is i've never considered the thought of in big serious people like my professors or my hod (oh lord!) reading this.I might as well never go back to college after that.I'm supposed to be a journalism student.And it was pretty recently that i found out that i'm just not cut out for journalism.Just look at the way i write.thats no newspaper lingo.I've spend many a sleepless nights wondering where i'm gonna get a job if i had to live on my writing...oh maybe for comic books?but even comic books have got to make sense.maybe writing is just not my 'calling'.maybe i'm yet to be 'called'.
anywayz,this sir then went ahead to tell us about some interesting blogs that he happen to come across.ok so maybe he did'nt use the word interesting.'trashy' was more like would all have been very ok if when he started explaining the content of the blog n it turned out sounding somethin pretttyy similar to mine.god,it was sooooooo humiliating.cos this is one of those few people on earth whose opinions matter.he said that these blogs r full of "i i i i"..and i remembered that post i made earlier bout speakin a lot bout myself (I,Me,Myself).
So the bottom line is today was a total disater.just yesterday i made up my mind to be all optimistic and stuff this year.and u know wat.i m gona do just that.
i mean ok so maybe this blog does'nt have any purpose and talks a lot bout myself and is a total waste of time n space.but then everyone has to be all silly at times.mayb i ll start a serious blog with serious issues.and hide this blog from serious people.
earlier today i felt real bad bout what that sir said and sorta realised i should be writing a lot more important stuff considering thats wat i go to college and try to study everyday.i even considered putting an end to this sixth grade teacher inspired and encouraged me to start this weird style of mine..and now it looked like my college professor had put out that flame.but u know wat.i'm still gona keep writing like this.probably won't make a living writing like this.and noone really has to read it or even like it.but this is sorta my identity.if i suddenly start writing bout social issues it'd b like i'm tryin to b someone else.
maybe i will start a boring blog with boring stuff and be all serious and not-me in it.but for me writing is..unwinding.and when u think and write bout stuff u just get a bit more wound up.and gives me a headache.lord knows how long i'll be able to write like until then..yabadabadooooooooo!!!!!!! i i i i i i i i i iii iii i ii i i ii i i i i i ii i i!


Samiha said...

Babe!! Yo blog rocks! you rock!! n don't say bullshit like you can't write and all.Don't forget.You are of the calibre of erma Bombeck et all.didnot know that you write so started a new public blog but too lazy to write anything. Me too confused. Journo ma cup of tea?I don't think so.Doind a documentary now.enjoyin it.n SIMC goin down d drain faculty,no quality n al..hmm lets see

My Musings said...

don worry much! we travelling in the same boat! i quite like ur writings! haphaardly written! keep writing mate! lets fraek people out!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember a quote by Virginia Woolf, she said,

"One has to secrete a jelly in which to slip quotations down people's throats - and one always secretes too much jelly."

So I guess u r doing pretty much the same thing here... at least i found many useful things inside the jelly u secreted in these posts.. :) n i guess i wudnt have been able to gulp these useful things IF it were given to me as it is... so keep on rocking... teachers aint always right [sorry to all the teachers out there]... :P

~Ms. A~ said... a jelly-maker...thats like d deepest comment i ve ever man..