Saturday, April 19, 2008

well well well...its been a while..was reading that old entry i things change so fast..i thought that sir was out to put me down..but now he's like an encouragement n my friends have decided to clone him n make a lil him for each of us to carry around in our pocket so we'll never b short of an encouragement even after we leave college.its a work in progress!!
i ve been doin sum "on paper" writing.its nothin like typing on a keyboard.its a such a move the pen up n down and apply just the right pressure n in the end noone can really understand wats written anyway.god bless the people who invented keyboards.
recently i ve been thinkin bout how the inventor's of so many things shud b in one way or d other b worshipped for their first n foremost the inventor of ceiling fans..if not the inventor of air sure a billion others wud agree with me.
the inventors of chocolate..i usually thank them a billion times as i cherish d taste of the cool hot sweet sizzling of d gods..seriously...beyond bliss thats wat it is.
inventors of blowdriers- i mean its like swich swash n bam ur hair luks great.its like magic!who wud've thought..
inventors of d delete button- again a billion of u wud agree with me.if only they had a delete button for life too..mess up ur life..delete ur past.sumbody hurt u real bad..delete him/her frm ur friends list.hate ur life..delete ur account(and make it again later wen u feel like) this entry is dedicated to all those ppl..whose made our lives so much greater with their inventions which we use all the time but dunt really bother to stop n think or express our gratititude to them.
here is a list of other ppl who i'd like to thank :
inventor of the flush in toilets
inventor of cello tape (never underestimate the power of a cello tape)
inventor of that fine tuning button on tv
inventor of the handles on cups
inventor of hair scrunchies.
inventor of "hold d lift open" laser beam thingy on elevators
inventors of chocolate(yes again), caramel n junk food of all kinds.ur probably killin us wit d calories..but we luv ya anyway.
inventors of mosquito repellants (thank u frm the botton of mine n my roommates hearts)

thats all i can think of.actually i can think of a lot more.but i gota go.gona go pay my tribute to the junk fud gurus now.yum!catchy yall later!ta!

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