Monday, June 2, 2008

elu elu...i ve recently gotten into the big bad career-woman sorta life lately..sorta..not really..cos i dunt get paid..and i dunt have to pay d rent or cook n stuff ladat..ok ok so i m doin an internship..and yeah well it stinkz..

people think journalism is this great flashy kinda job..where normal ppl bcome heroz over nite..uncovering great scandals and covering glam events n..oh i m not even gona go on cos u know i m obviously gona say it NOTHING suckz..its boring.with a capital C.i ve been at it for like a week and the only things that i probably learnt is that :

Journalism is not d thing 4 me.i cud write a buk of reasobs y ppl like me shud nt try it.mayb if sumone did all the field work i cud do that makin it into words n..naah i really wudnt wanna.

People who work in offices r mean.not all.but most.i used to watch all these reality shows where ppl get their asses kicked n grinded tryin to b fashion designers,dancers,chefs,wanna-bez,whateva..and chuckle to myself cos i wud never b in their position n wud never take anyone's shit ladat...or wud i?I wud probably throw my weight around too if i were in their position too..i mean experience-wise..but it still sux..

i cannot work in d heat.i didnt know i had a problem with excess heat..apparently i get all dizzy wizzy n pukey..and i wasnt even pretendin half d times that such a weakling...encoded..non-journalist material.

oh in addition to the point b4 this one..ppl in d office keeps tellin us how we're such bad journalists n how we're not meant to b there n blah blah...i wud feel a lil bad bout wat they're sayin if i didnt agree wit them more..i mean ill b like i KNOOOOOW..TOTTAALLY..SO kick us outta here ppppplleeeaaaseee!!

the one observation dat my sis made is that..hmm to get into journalism u really need to have that passion..the PASSION.thing is..i do have d passion.i probably do have a whole glass full a passion wen i go to office every mornin..but all that passion probably gets drained out by mid afternoon dus to a)heat b)fatigue c)intense hatred towards d whole of mankind caused due to a) and b)

Everyone hates journalists.they're not that nice.once these buncha kids do this press conference n im all like aww how sweet..but these bunch of other journos literally tore open those kids..pointed fingers,hurled accusations,pretty much squeezed d pulp outta d kids...n the worst thing the end of it..i was convinced the reporters...i was like oh those awful manipulative kids!!ACK!

Everyone at the journo office is all too crazy bout the the job is all that gets thru to their head.u say a joke thats like un-journalistic or newspaperish or even send an sms using sms language,they give u the Look.the "oh she's one of those" looks.or the "oh she's not one among us,is she now" look. and i do the "oh god oh god oh god get me get me get me OUTTA HERE" look..which freaks em out a lil more.u know how sum ppl has the "calling" do sumthin...well this was my "un-calling".tellin me dunt even consider journalism.not wit ur mind frame.n ur knowledge on politics..or the country..or any important issue for that matter.

as of now i ve deicided tha advertising is my calling.but then again i vent dun an internship at an ad agency yet...but then i do need sumthin to keep me until then...i ll see ya at madison avenue!!ciao!!


Samiha said...

Hey honey

Huge hug..yea m a huggy person now..(just dont even try)u at the wrong place..newspapers not yo calling..atleast not the conventional kinds..u shud writin a book or those lifestyle pieces in magazines..advertisin(cnceptualistion n copywritin) wud also suit u..u a gr8 writer..take it from me..
today i had my pull-yo-hair-out-scream-out-loud moment..phoned 30 actresses for sm info for a promo..serial actresses so dont get excited..
n I dont like talkin on cheeks wr aching from smilin..i leave office at 11.30..reach station..w8 til 12 am fr train..get in..look at weird men lookin at me..i dont get into the ladies compartment cos thieves get in thr..i walk to hstel thru a spooky lane..real spooky..shadows..trees..hell, thrs a 350 yr old school next to ma hostel..n its gates has scrary bars..i kp waitin for smone to spring out from in thr..
u ve a ball..u gttin home food atleast..m sick..

roopashree said...

shanker@gmail.comhey journalist... he he he..! okay that is just not your place . but just give a deaf ear to everything(like always) write stories... read... keep going!!! but anyways this is 'ANJU' yippee! don't change, good fun...

madz said...

ol woman!! Y am i not surprised..its so u!!i mean ur one person who cannot change or better say WILL NOT change..for any1..but honestly i always thought u'd make a gr8 writer, but not real time journalism..u know the freelance type!Hmmm nyway keep writing!the style is great!

Mohammed Musthafa said...

nice one...loved the pace...this is more like a story telling style...which suits u nicely...informative too!